Teaming up with two Ghanan gospel singers, the multi-instrumentalist and multi-faceted Finnish artist has released a new 7” on Philophon. Listen now.

There are few artists out there who are more unpredictable and beguiling than Jimmy Tenor. From Lahti in Finland to New York, Berlin, London, Barcelona and more, the experimentalist has consistently engaged in the kind of genre hopping and boundary pushing that has earned him a wide, eclectic and devoted fanbase.

His latest instalment is “Vocalize My Luv,” a two-track record that includes the bonus release “Ki’igba.” Forming a union with Florence Adooni and Lizzy Amaliyenga, two gospel singers from Bolgatanga, Ghana, he has created a bouncy, intricate and moreish musical offering.

“Vocalize My Luv” employs drummer Ekow Alabi Savage’s light-footed precision to provide a sunny accompaniment to lyrics that celebrate love and lust. It’s an infectious groove, one that draws you in before you know it, among Tenor’s bass, synth and flights of flute. Listen to it here:


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