One of Chicago’s most progressive labels provides a platform for another interesting voice that reflects the Windy City’s cultural mosaic and political ferment. Led by vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Alex Chavez, Dos Santos is a 5-piece that broadens perceptions and expectations of Latin rock. While there is a distinct echo of the genre’s trailblazers, from Azteca to El Chicano, the writing and arranging have a deeply personal slant.

Chavez has a strong, charismatic delivery, and the rhythm section is solidly anchored by the drums, bass and percussion of Daniel Villareal-Carillo, Jaime Garza and Peter Vale respectively. In Nathan Karagianis, they have a guitarist who does finesse and grandstand in equal measure, and a further bonus comes in the shape of the mighty Antibalas horn section led by Martin Perna. These elements gel on a set of well-written songs that present an engaging snapshot of a modern-day America facing monumental challenges on anything from civil rights to electoral skullduggery. Chavez & Co. choose to speak their own truths in a musical format that is marked by both highly accessible and adventurous approaches to the art of song.

Dos Santos, Logos (International Anthem)

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