The instrumentation of Polish group EABS delete the 4,000-plus miles between their home nation and New York City with a hip-hop-led jazz style that leans on golden age rap gods like A Tribe Called Quest and Guru. “Perły i Dukaty XIV / Repetition” unites both sides of the group’s style: the first half features drumming that could inspire 1,000 rap beats while the second half is more of a freewheeling jazz workout, leaning on John Coltrane for inspiration.

There are songs here, too, that can’t be easily compared to other artists: “Niekochana” is dramatic number that throws swirling piano keys, electric guitar lines and moaning brass into the mix. So while there are some missteps – Marek Pędziwiatr’s vocal at the start of “Private Conversation VIII” lacks strength and conviction, and feels a little out of place next to the smooth instrumentation – this is a strong record forged by a band determined to mix up their favourite music in a way that makes complete sense to them.

EABS, Repetitions (Letters to Krzysztof Komeda), (Astigmatic Records)

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