Due out April 12 via Motéma Music, BEAT MUSIC! BEAT MUSIC! BEAT MUSIC! is the latest project by drummer Mark Guiliana (David Bowie’s Blackstar). He creates adventurous, bold and cinematic electronic music with his expansive ensemble. Get a taste of it here.

Mark Guiliana is a musician’s musician and something of a sonic chameleon. Equally comfortable playing acoustic jazz, boundary-stretching electronic music, or next-level rock, his latest foray into the world of recording is through BEAT MUSIC! BEAT MUSIC! BEAT MUSIC! If ever there was a phrase that was guaranteed to catch your eye … But their sound is sufficiently bold and captivating to merit such a title. Besides, the ‘beat’ in beat music refers to Guiliana’s collective, composed of musicians who have gathered around the drummer over the last decade. 

They are less of a band and more of a community according to Guiliana, who remarked: “I feel very lucky to have people that I genuinely consider to be my favorite musicians as part of the Beat Music family.” One of the reasons that they are excited about the forthcoming album is so that they are able to showcase the “hundreds of hours of gigs we’ve spent improvising and discovering together.”

They characterize their sound as being born out of a passion for limitless electronic possibilities combined with improvised jazz creativity in real time. Though the music is closely composed at times, all the musicians are engaging in what Guiliana called “microscopic improvising in every moment.” The result is an infectious and disorientating journey. Go through it all here with their first single from the new album “GIRL.”



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