With Quincy Jones acting as producer, Duologue sees two Cuban musicians drawing on shared reference points for their sublime new album.

They are two of the most exciting and innovative artists coming out of Havana. But Alfredo Rodriguez and Pedrito Martinez were aware of each other long before eventually having the chance to collaborate. For his part, Rodriguez has been influenced by his counterpart “since forever.” Martinez on the other hand, spoke of being “in love with his [Rodriguez’] melodies.”

Coming together for their full album, Duologue, the pair have both established themselves as key players in a Cuban music scene rooted in West Africa. In devising the LP, they declare their shared reference points as the wellspring of their inspiration. Growing up, they listened to similar artists, and those memories have produced a musical offering that doesn’t just seek to please fans of jazz – but all music audiences across the world.

Indeed, a cursory look at the song list is sure to elicit familiarity in every kind of listener. The album is a tour of the musicians’ shared passions, from video game soundtracks to recognisable Cuban licks with jazz, pop and funk punctuations along the way.

Quincy Jones’ influence permeates the album in more ways than one. Aside from a rearrangement of “Thriller” being present on the album, the iconic producer has contributed his signature well-appointed groove to a release where all instruments play parts that can be considered both melodic and percussive.

Listen to a single from the album below:

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