Hprizm says Catching A Body is intended to be the score to a movie playing inside his head. On that basis, the cinematic visuals flying around the founding Anti-Pop Consortium member’s mind veer strictly to the noir side.

Over nine tracks, Catching A Body shifts through instrumental hip-hop productions that are anchored by sonorous bass tones. At times, the infusion of sci-fi-styled synth lines conjure feelings of isolation. Savvy textural tweaks to the songs incite moments of drama and action, with the addition of quickly shuffling percussive effects bringing a frantic, chase-scene-like momentum to “I’ll Find You.”

Clocking in at just over 20 minutes, the project maintains a dusky vibe that matches Hprizm’s movie concept. The narrative arc climaxes with the murmuring tumult of “Dark Liquor” segueing into the piano-caressed grooves of “Come Home,” finally bringing the story to a calming resolution.

Hprizm, Catching A Body (Don Giovanni Records)

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