The label Mello Music Group opens its horizons here and adds a dose of chillwave to its hip-hop.

Having been recently based in Tucson, Arizona, producer The Lasso went back living in Michigan last year. This return to the fold inspired the genesis of his upcoming solo album (released March 15), simply titled The Sound of Lasso. For these fifteen tracks, rapper Lando Chill’s partner has gathered no less than thirteen musicians (vibraphone, saxophone, Fender Rhodes … ), himself playing several instruments, from keyboard to drums and guitar.

While the vocal tones of singer Sam Cooper are present, The Sound of Lasso remains a purely instrumental album, which wishes to evoke an atmosphere without using words, or getting bogged down in imposed formats. The first track, “Forevergreen,” gives a snapshot of the pre-announced chromatic journey, as well as a bonus track that is already available, “Quaddro.” 


Tracklist :

1. Forevergreen

2. Respiration

3. Pier Of Dreams

4. Heaven

5. Portraits

6. Plum

7. Flutter

8. Rippling Mirror

9. Heliotrope

10. Saturn

11. Closer

12. Across A Reflection

13. Sol

14. Oscillations

15. Quaddro

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