Two polymath musician-producers come together on this one. "Joy Techniques" is the raucous title track from Mercereau's upcoming album with the same name. Listen here.

Nate Mercereau’s debut album, Joy Techniques, just got a little more interesting. Available to pre-order now via, the record will come out on July 12.

“Joy Techniques” is a teaser cut on which Terrace Martin has offered his own flavor. Martin has previously worked with Kendrick Lamar, Stevie Wonder, YG and Charlie Wilson. His music oscillates between funk, jazz, classical and soul, here providing saxophone licks and spews amongst quick-footed drumming, pulsating synths and atmospheric bass. On working with Martin, Mercereau said: “we weren’t ever asking permission to do anything … we just played parts because we felt them in the moment.”

Indeed, the track remains in constant motion, moving between states with little warning. One moment, we are charging forward in a groove stampede and the next everything slows down while Martin’s sax splutters to life in a fashion reminiscent of Shabaka Hutchings’ recent work with the Comet is Coming.

Howsorecords aim is to produce “high level music for high level listening.” Click play below to experience it.

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