Milo says the Heart of budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies is all about the way “my collaborators and I got funky and we dared to share that feeling with you.” The Maine-based MC’s summation is an apt one: Splitting production duties between himself and close allies including Kenny Segal, Steel Tipped Dove, mt. marcy and Ol’ Burger Beats, the 15 tracks unfurl like a series of intimate hip-hop jam sessions that you’ve graciously been allowed to peek into.

Segal’s soothing, piano-based beat for “mythbuilding exercise no.9” sets a reflective tone for the project, with Milo quipping, “my style like if Langston didn’t edit.” The dusky, hi-hat-propelled “lowcoup” ups the jazz influence and inspires a scat-style flow, while “romulan ale” rolls along with vibraphone riffs.

Connecting the dots to Milo’s previous releases this year, his Nostrum Grocers partner ELUCID shows up on “thinking while eating a handful of almonds” to drop a sagely guest verse. “I live inside a computer too,” ELUCID confesses, “but I wrote this on a backyard hill top thinking about how to get them before they get me.”

Milo, Budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies (Ruby Yacht)

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