In an interview with DJ Booth, Thelonious Martin, the producer and one-time Mac Miller collaborator spoke of a possible secret album that the late rapper recorded entitled Maclib.

The possibility of a collaborative album between Mac Miller and Madlib has set pulses racing. To all intents and purposes, it seemed like Swimming was the last time the world would be graced with new sounds from the late rapper.

Fingers cross then, because the latest scoop suggests otherwise. Reportedly, Madlib told Thelonious Martin that a collaborative project called Maclib existed at the 2018 Pitchfork Festival. “With about 15, 20 minutes left in my set, Madlib pulls up … I’m trying to focus and DJ, and Madlib gets on and … plays a Mac Miller joint. And I turn to him, I’m like, ‘There’s more of these, right?’ He said, ‘Oh, yeah, there’s a whole album.'”

Whether it was a moment of sarcasm in the middle of a performance, or a sincere remark, remains to be seen. But there seems to be just enough there to have gotten everyone on board. A project that might combine Miller’s more recent jazz stylings and Madlib’s rich history of innovative beatmaking is a tantalizing prospect. Once you start thinking about his other famous collaborations like Jaylib with Jay Dilla and Madvillain with MF DOOM, you start to see what a beautiful rumor this is. The pair worked together before on 2014’s Piñata which includes a Mac Miller section on the album’s title track.

Read about the upcoming Madlib + Freddie Gibbs album here.

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