New Place Always (2018, Yellowbird Records), the new album form Israeli pianist Nitai Hershkovits, takes us away from the electronic sounds of his first album, I Asked You A Question (2016, Time Grove Selections).

Purified by the choice of the solo configuration, Hershkovits gives himself up entirely here, drifting naturally from classical to jazz. New Place Always deliberately disorients us from one track to another, nevertheless unified by the nostalgic character of the melodies wrapped in moving harmonies. Time, on the other hand, is finely stretched thanks to the frequent rubatos that are precisely used in the style of a Debussy (“Woman’s Reach”), or orientalized (“South to Cairo”).

These delicate themes and phrasings are reminiscent of the moods of the songs from his fruitful collaboration with Israeli bassist Avishai Cohen, who discovered him at a very young age in Tel Aviv; it gave rise to three albums: Duende (2012), Almah (2014), and From Darkness (2015).

Nitai Hershkovits, New Place Always (Yellowbird Records)

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