Qwest-TV-The Comet Is Coming, Shabaka Hutchings Declares

Here is the list of releases that grabbed our attention. Qwest TV's favourites in the loop.

Que Vola?

Born as a result of Fidel Fourneyron’s research trip to Cuba, the Que Vola project deploys an uncommon syncretism between Afro-Cuban music and free jazz.

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Nubiyan twist – Jungle Run

This new album by the Nubiyan Twist collective offers a feverish immersion into South East London party culture, an urban jungle where Neo-soul, ethio-jazz, afrobeat and acid-jazz interlace, welding in constantly surprising ways.

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The comet is coming – Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery

The album title Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery is about more than conjuring an image. Instead, it feels like a definite instruction to the listener. Once on board, we flash forward while the cabin walls shake, the light of the past suspended in streaks through the windows, too slow to catch up. Thus the mission log reads: status, launched; destination, unknown.

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Solange – When I Get Home

The French pianist co-produced three songs from When I Get Home, the magnificent album that Solange has just released. He describes how this sophisticated R&B was created by a handful of musicians jamming in a lavish house overlooking Los Angeles.

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Sarah Tandy – Infection in the Sentence

On Infection In The Sentence the young pianist shows an open mindedness when it comes different forms of expression – both past and present – and the maturity required to chart the course ahead.

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Naissam Jalal – Quest of the invisible

The flutist and composer Naïssam Jalal signs Quest of The Invisible, a major, intimate and transcendental work – an appeal to meditation whose amplitude and narrative power draws from sources of an all-encompassing free spirituality.

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Durand Jones & the Indications – American Love Call

Its been two years since the release of the first album, two years during which these young musicians have created a strong fan-base across the soul ballad circuit (the famous low rider scene) in the United States.

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