“Bang Bang”–who is it shooting at us in Sonny Bono’s famous lyrics? It’s none other than Vincent Peirani Himself. He is the funny man who lugs around an accordion in the film Barbara by French director and movie star Mathieu Amalric. The opening track’s famous lament pours down in a melancholic manner, reminiscent of the great Nino Rota, sending shivers down the spine. It’s followed by “Enzo,” which evokes the same nostalgic mood, Peirani’s original “Le Clown Sauveur De La Fête Foraine” and a reinterpretation of the English composer Henry Purcell’s “What Power Art Thou”–the best track on the album.

Night Walker is an ambitious cross-genre project, using jazz to embrace a broad musical spectrum within each breath. It shows an undeniable open-mindedness which sometimes descends, painlessly, into a subversion that borders on kitsch. Nothing needs to be said about Vincent Peirani’s talent, the formation of his repertoire or his choice of partners–Emile Parisien is always perfect, as is Tony Paeleman on the fender Rhodes, Yoann Serra on the drums and Julien Herné on bass and electric guitar. But for those who, unlike myself, have trouble relishing the accordion or the Led-Zeppelin-esque rock stylings of “Kashmir” and “Stairway To Heaven,” it will quickly become horrifying.

Check out Vincent Peirani Living Being Live at D’Jazz Nevers Festival on Qwest TV

Vincent PeiraniLiving Being II – Night Walker (Act)

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