Disorientating and erratic visuals have been released for JPEGMAFIA and Kenny Beats' collaborative track "Puff Daddy." Watch here.

Directed by Maxwell Nalevansky, this music video is self-consciously messy from start to finish. We are given too much for our eyes to take in, too many references for us to identify and a set of shifting camera angles that makes it impossible for the viewer to relax. The purpose of all this is to evoke a mood of disorientation, something that is mimicked in the music and lyrics.

It opens with Peggy sat in a diner being served acid-laced pancakes by Kenny, who returns to wink every now and then throughout the video. What follows is Peggy’s trip, which features Open Mike Eagle, Nathaniel Ritchie and Tommy Genesis in scenes that resemble a nightmare you can’t wake up from. A hectic beat accompanies the visuals, which oscillated on deep bass throbs, jagged synths and blasts of white noise. Peggy’s flow remains tight throughout and delivers a dynamic, energizing experience.

“Puff Daddy” is originally a track from November 2018 and Kenny Beats subsequently released Bad Influence alongside Q Da Fool. Watch the video below:


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