The moody and romantic video for "The Man I Love" was shown on TV twenty-five years ago but never officially released. Watch it again, or for the first time ever, here on Qwest.

Cast in grainy black and white, Bush stands in the center of an open space, musicians appearing and disappearing around her. She looks straight into the camera for most of the performance, telling of a hypothetical meeting with a mysterious romantic figure and their potential future together.

“The Man I Love” is an original piece by George and Ira Gershwin. Bush’s version was produced and arranged by George Martin, who produced for the Beatles. This previously unreleased music video was directed by Kevin Godley, who Bush had worked with before on the video for “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel. All participants chose to create a stylistically simple and powerful rendition: the video includes no frills, showing only what it needs to show, and the instrumentals provide a jazzy yet restrained route for Bush’s vocal pathways.

On the artistic direction, Bush said that Godley “chose to present the video in a very traditional way, which suited the song extremely well.” Last month, Bush announced The Other Side, which will include “The Man I Love” along with Bush’s cover of “Rocket Man” and much more. Watch the video here:


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