Ziv Ravitz, the regular accompanist of Yaron Herman, Omer Avital, Avishai Cohen and Ben Monder has, for his first album as leader, confirmed that he approaches the drums like Paul Motian: as an harmonic instrument.

He was born in the nether reaches of Israel, has a grandfather who emigrated from Egypt, and now resides in Brooklyn. From there he declares a humanist message: “every one is a part of me,” on “No Man Is an Island,” the album’s eponymous track.

He chose the sometimes unforgiving formula of a trio, restricting himself further by excluding bass and piano while including guitarist (Gilad Hekselman) and saxophonist (Will Vinson, perfect, equally so on the Rhodes for certain tracks). While sometimes swept away in the affectedness of those trained at the Berklee School of Music, he also knows how to catch the listener’s attention, as evidenced in “Sleep Next To Me” or “Peire Aussane Pt. 2.” The latter is sung by Camila Meza and includes an oddly bewitching jingling motif while the former makes for a disturbing reverie in which Santiago Arias’ bandoneon feels reminiscent of Aldo Romano’s Italian lament; after an astonishing silence of more than thirty seconds, the theme resumes with an increased musical muscularity.

Ziv Ravitz – No Man Is an Island (Sound Surveyor Music)

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