What types of authentication methods do you support?

We support the following authentication methods: IP, Shibboleth, email, Referral URL.

Can we add new authentication methods throughout the year?


Is there a Qwest TV EDU app for smartphones and tablets?

No. The Qwest TV app you can get is for our commercial platform and will not work with a Qwest TV EDU subscription.

Can we watch Qwest TV EDU on a television set?

No. You can only access our commercial Qwest TV platform and will not be able to log-in with an institutional account.


Can you provide user statistics?

Yes, we are able to provide the number of log-ins per day during a given period, as well as specific content screening time. Please contact our team if you wish to receive a statistics sample.

Can you provide COUNTER compliant reporting?

No, we are looking into it for 2021.

Do your programs have closed captioning?

No, only in some cases.

Do you have a VPAT?

No, we are looking into it for 2021.

Can you provide MARC data?

No, not at this stage, but we are able to provide catalogue metadata in other formats if needed.


Will our institutional subscription be automatically renewed next year for a fee?

No, we will contact you before the free year's subscription ends to discuss potential renewal.

Can you give us a pricing estimate after the free year?

Yes, please contact us for an estimate.

What is the billing frequency for institutional subscriptions?


Do you have any communication material we can use for students and faculty?

Yes, please contact us for details.