This fall, legendary producer Quincy Jones and French television producer Reza Ackbaraly will launch Qwest TV, the world’s first subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platform celebrating all things jazz.

Subscribers to Qwest TV will choose when and where to watch a personalized, hand-picked selection of exclusive, original content including concerts, documentaries, interviews and archival footage on their mobile devices and computers in HD or 4K for a monthly fee starting at $7.49/7.49 €.

Qwest TV will also soon be available on various smart TVs and television set-top boxes.

Become an integral part of the Qwest TV experience by participating in our Kickstarter campaign ! In addition to benefiting from an early-bird subscription at a reduced rate and other goodies (including gold, platinum, and vinyl records signed by Quincy Jones himself) only available during this pre-launch campaign, you’ll help us make Qwest TV worthy of the music we all love.

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