How to watch Qwest TV?

Qwest TV +

Qwest TV Plus is our premium, on-demand offer: a vast catalog of 1300+ diverse concerts, incredible documentaries and rare archive footage. Icons, trailblazers, a huge range of global genres, plus hand-curated playlists by music experts and legendary artists. 

Live TV

Qwest TV Live offers viewers the chance to watch great diverse music for free, 24/7. We have three live channels:

We have three live channels:

  • Jazz & Beyond (jazz, soul, funk, blues, global music)
  • Mix (DJs, electronic music, rock, folk, pop, indie, hip-hop, R&B)
  • Classic (classical composers, orchestras, ballet, opera)

No Qwest TV account required. Tune in to experience a curated selection of great music.

Free delinearised channels

Get a taste of our catalog, browse at your own pace on a selected number of devices.

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