Goran Kajfeš and wildlife: this is what Into The Wild, the newborn creation by the Swedish multi award-winning trumpeter, who for nearly three decades has contributed to the vitality of the contemporary Scandinavian scene. Far from being limited to jazz, it is a musical landscape whose margins and crossovers he passionately explores. Goran Kajfeš was nourished by the storms of Mingus and the elegance of Duke, enjoying the pulsations of a world he knew to be vibrant.

In “White Sand,” animals seem to escape from his veteran trumpet, elephants and distant birds hidden in the impenetrable tapestry made by hypnotic Bo Hansson or even Steve Reich motifs. We get electric, hallucinatory forests and breaking rhythms unrolled by Tropics, a quartet of regular accomplices in some parallel projects – like Nacka Forum and Subtropic Arkestra – with the exception of Alexander Zethson, who is perfect on the Korg as well as on the organ, and the great composer Christer Bothén on the bass clarinet, making us rejoice when he reforms “So Don” again on the ngoni. As a whole, it is epic and coherent, sometimes deliciously dissonant, testifying to a great creative freedom that is renewed again here: a beautiful escape.

Goran Kajfeš – Into The Wild

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