As Guest of the month, Youssou Ndour, the "king of mbalax," has selected his favorite programs for you, all available on Qwest TV!

Gilberto Gil

I have huge respect for Gilberto Gill. He’s a great musician! When you see what he gives on stage, he always creates a real proximity with his audience, it’s extraordinary. We both did a really big concert in Geneva, as part of Roll Back Malaria. It was beautiful, there were loads of artists: Manu Katché, Peter Gabriel, Tiken Ja Fakoli … it was a fantastic evening.

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Ali Farka Touré

Ali Farka Touré is one of, if not the greatest Malian artist. A musician, composer … We miss him very much. He invented the African blues! His style was very personalised. And I think he was someone who really gave a boost to authentic Malian music, overall.

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Gnawa!  It’s one of my favorite musical styles in the world! I play a lot at the Essaouira festival. Every time, I ask for a meeting with the Gnawas and we have had extraordinary moments. Also, there are many similarities between our music styles, our dances and the influence of instruments. It’s beautiful! If one day you have the opportunity to go to Essaouira, you will understand what I mean!

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Cuban music, salsa, it’s extraordinary! Here in Senegal, in Africa, it is one of the first musical styles that settled. Of course, we can always talk about the slaves who left and the music that went with them. This may explain why we are so attached to this kind of music. I also see the rigour in the training of Cuban musicians. Successive political regimes have done harm, but the rigour and classicism of their musicians are impressive. I think Cuban music influences a lot of American music: soul, jazz …

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